Blueshift Named a Momentum Leader for CDP and Marketing Automation Categories in G2’s Fall 2020 Report

Blueshift Named a Momentum Leader for CDP and Marketing Automation Categories in G2’s Fall 2020 Report

We’re excited to announce that Blueshift was named a CDP and Marketing Automation Momentum Leader in G2’s Fall 2020 Report. Blueshift is continually grouped as a top platform within these categories — it is extremely validating and confirms that our vision of creating a platform to help enable marketers to be smarter and more effective is being realized with our customers.

How Blueshift stacks up

  • 92.75% (128 out of 138) of reviews were +4 stars
  • 94% of users believe the product headed in the right direction
  • 87% of users said they would be likely to recommend the Blueshift platform to others
G2 Grid for Marketing Automation
G2 Grid for Customer Data Platform (CDP)

What happy customers had to say

“Support from the team can’t be matched! Every question I’ve ever had has been answered so quickly! We’re an ecommerce [company] with a very long tail so our catalog is huge. Being able to segment users from what they’re interested in has changed our business. We use the product a lot for sending mass emails and for Facebook advertisement and it has made us able to lower the marketing budget while delivering more relevant content that brings in more business. We love it!” 

“We reviewed a lot of systems and choose Blueshift. To have one system for all communication channels – i.e. our emails, on the website, making Facebook and Google segments, etc. was a big thing. Being able to work across multiple domains opened up a whole new world of opportunities. But the biggest thing I like about it is the ease of use – i.e. our marketing team can run the show without having IT constantly involved.”

“Blueshift rocks for future of customer communications, [it gives us] the ability to centralize our data to create personalized experiences across multiple platforms: email, SMS, website, and beyond.”

“Powerful automated and predictive marketing solution. I really like how easy and intuitive the application is to use, helping the marketing teams to really focus on the creativity without having to worry too much about the execution. The tool opened up new ways of reaching our users while delivering more personalised content based on behaviour. It also gave us the opportunity to try new marketing concept and step away from mass marketing. We managed to quickly change the marketing mind set from a manual single channel/content approach to an automated multi touch point and personalised strategy without too much effort.”

We’re excited to be recognized as a Momentum Leader in the CDP and Marketing Automation categories as it speaks directly to the hybrid platform we provide, combining the best of both technologies together in a one-stop-shop for marketers to deliver truly dynamic customer experiences across the omnichannel journey. The SmartHub CDP collects and unifies customer data from any source such as your CRM, website, catalog, customer service tools, and more to build a holistic, single customer view for every user. Then, leveraging patented AI, marketers are empowered to deliver timely, personalized messages to their best customers that drive engagement. The SmartHub CDP serves as the true center for marketing, as it connects and orchestrates messages across every channel — from email to mobile, and even your digital advertising channelsWe’re thrilled to hear that our customer feel the same and have been able to to deliver a truly revolutionary customer experience at scale.

Along with being named a leading CDP and Marketing Automation platform, it’s also wonderful to be recognized in a few additional categories.

In Fall 2020, we were also honored by G2 with the following:

  • #1 CDP Best Usability (Mid-Market)
  • #1 CDP Easiest Admin (Mid-Market)
  • #1 CDP Easiest to do business with (Small Business)
  • #1 CDP Best Relationship (Small Business)
Blueshift Named a Momentum Leader for CDP and Marketing Automation Categories in G2’s Fall 2020 Report

We’d like to thank all of our customers for helping make Blueshift better and taking the time to highlight what they love about our platform. We’re honored to be your partner in providing exceptional omnichannel customer experiences — here’s to raising the bar even more next season!

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