Blueshift for Retail & E-Commerce Companies


Behavior + AI + Automation in a Single Platform

Reduce Abandonment with Email & Mobile Re-marketing

Use Blueshift to automate cart, search & browse abandonment with automated emails, mobile push notifications & SMS

Deliver targeted up-sell & cross-sell recommendations on Email & Mobile

Blueshift’s Personalization Studio makes it easy to inject highly personalized recommendations into your emails, mobile push notifications and SMS

Target customers based on Category & Brand Affinities

Blueshift makes it easy to target customers based on category & brand preferences

Combine Behavioral & Transactional Data in One System

Blueshift’s 360-degree customer profiles now enable you to combine behavioral & transactional data about customers in one system, overlaid with a full understanding of your catalog

Predictive modeling for repeat purchase & Churn

Blueshift uses Machine Learning to to compute the factors that affect your basket size, churn and customer lifetime value. Segment customers easily with predictive scores

End-to-end reporting

One simple dashboard that gives you all the metrics you care for, customized to your needs

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