10.19.21 AND 10.05.21

October Updates


Visual Journey Builder

Introducing Blueshift’s re-imagined journey builder. With the enhanced journey builder, marketers like yourself are now able to quickly build intuitive journey with simplified UX. Our unified journey helps you connect your customer experience across marketing or CX channels. You’re able to build smarter campaigns with sophisticated user flows. We’ve also separated set up and configuration so you can design your desired journey flow without having to fill out all of the details all at once when saving the journey. Now the journey is easy to digest with just a quick glance. We’ve enabled new features such as cloning triggers, copying filter criteria, merging journeys, etc. to make sophisticated user flow that much easier to create. Our validation feature can help bulletproof the accuracy of the journey design so if there are errors and warnings you can easily see and resolve them before launching your campaigns.

We’ve also improved our organization game with campaign setup, journey flow, as well as campaign reports in one centralized place. To help you gain actionable, real-time insights into campaign performance, we now have a view mode called metric mode that allows you to see performance at each step so you can quickly identify low conversion points and opportunity areas.

Our goal here with the journey builder is to make you work more productive and effective by simplifying your workflows and making the campaigns you create even more efficient.

Visual journey builder demo


App Hub

To help you create connected, unified, campaigns across channels Blueshift’s App Hub allows you to seamlessly integrate any channel or app with Blueshift and then trigger personalized, responsive interactions across those touchpoints.

Blueshift’s App Hub is a central place to browse, connect, customize, and manage 3rd-party app and system integrations with Blueshift. You can choose from a growing and constantly expanding library of 80+ pre-built connectors with the most common apps or connect your own custom app. The App Hub includes not only marketing channels and apps, but customer experience (CX) channels like Zendesk, call centers, and CRM as well as enterprise data management platforms like Snowflake. Within our App Hub, you can integrate any existing or custom app with Blueshift in a few quick easy steps – no code required. Then you can immediately use connected apps within the Journey Builder to trigger personalized interactions on those apps and integrate those apps into omnichannel campaigns and experiences. Because of how easy and quick it is to integrate new apps, you can integrate new apps and emerging channels any time as your marketing strategy and business needs evolve. You can also integrate custom apps not natively supported by Blueshift or your own custom apps.

Blueshift app hub


Interest Alerts

Now whenever you’d like to notify your user about a new cool topic, Blueshift can help you notify all users who have expressed interests in a topic when an event occurs, with minimum amount of set up and maximum amount of accuracy.

To help you simplify work flows, we’ve released an interest alert feature that allows you to significantly decrease the number of events or API calls every time you want to notify users on certain topics they’re interested in. Instead of sending one event or API call per topic per user every time there’s a noteworthy event on a topic certain users are interested in, now you will be able to store users’ interests in Blueshift, select the events within the topics you’d like to notify the user about, and simply make a single API call for that topic. Blueshift can then connect the dots and present user level events based on this one single API call and users’ interests.

Blueshift interest alerts


Updates to Uniqueness Computation

To provide more accurate reporting on unique impressions and clicks, Blueshift has removed the 7-day window for uniqueness calculations. Previously if the a customer opened the same email twice, two weeks apart, it counted as two unique impressions, which could have over-reported unique impressions for reporting time frames longer than 7 days. Moving forward an open or click will be counted as a unique if it came from the same user, independent of the time the user engaged with the message.

Because of the slight change in methodology, you might observe lower unique impressions, unique clicks, unique impression rate and unique click rate going forward. However, this would impact both historical and future records similarly. Hence any report showing unique impressions or clicks will still show the correct trend.


Kenect Integration for SMS

Kenect is a message platform that connects business with their customers, it builds simple texting tools that are elegant and easy to use. With the SMS Kenect integration, you can now send SMS using Kenect directly from Blueshift’s campaign journey builder. When you send SMS leveraging the integration, we can help you track SMS sent from a specific campaign journey links clicked in an SMS if the links use Blueshift URL shortener. To set it up, all you will need to provide is your Kenect account API credentials within Blueshift’s Kenect adapter.

Blueshift setup channels


Search Catalog Items Using Blueshift Unique ID

We have now added an ability to search products in catalogs using product’s UUID. You can use comparison parameters such as “contains”, “equal to” etc. when searching.

Blueshift search contains settings


New SDKs

We’ve released new versions of our mobile SDKs for both Android (V3.2.4) and iOS (V2.2.3). This new updates include ability to choose between Blueshift’s EU region and US regions, as well as improved carousel and animated carousel push notifications for better support. For more information on the SDKs, please refer to our Android documentation or iOS documentation.