November Updates

Segment by Tags

When segmenting customers by messaging activity, you will now have the option to target all customers who interacted with campaigns that had certain tags. You will no longer need to individually select each of the relevant campaigns by name. This nifty enhancement should help you significantly reduce errors and the time required to build and maintain such segments.
In the segment builder, you will now see an option to select campaigns by name or by tag. Simply select the latter option to take advantage of this functionality.

segment by tags

Badge Counts for Push Notifications

You will now be able to use badge counts for your iOS customers┬áto indicate the number of unread push notifications. You will find this configuration under ‘Notification Settings’ in the ‘Properties’. You can choose from three options:

  • None: No badges will be shown to your customers. This is the default setting
  • Auto Update: The Blueshift SDK will automatically update the badge count based on the number of pending notifications
  • Custom: You can set the badge count to a specific static or dynamic value. For example, the number ‘2’ or a customer attribute like {{user.unread_notification_count}}. Setting the badge count to 0 will remove all pending notifications for the customer.

Currently, only iOS supports customizable badge counts. As a result, this feature is not available for Android devices

Content Reorganization

With the introduction of the badge count functionality, we have taken the opportunity to better organize the contents of the Push studio. The ‘Content’ tab is now solely reserved for the contents of your push notifications. All push notification settings (refer to the list below) have now been moved from the ‘Content’ tab to the ‘Properties’ tab:

  • iOS Settings: Interruption Level
  • Android Settings: Channel ID, Channel Name, Channel Description

Audience Sync to Reddit

We have added Reddit to our list of paid media destinations. This will allow you to sync your first-party audience data with Reddit. Reddit is home to thousands of interest-based communities, providing highly focused and personalized retargeting opportunities. Using first-party data on Blueshift, you can also build look-alike audiences on Reddit to increase your reach.
This integration is powered by LiveRamp and is available only in North America at this time.


Meta Title in Visual Editor

You can now set the meta title for links in an email (i.e. the text that is displayed on the browser tab when a user opens a link in your email on a new tab) for emails that you create using our Visual Editor. Simply navigate to ‘Settings’ under the ‘Content’ tab. You will notice a setting called ‘Title’.