May Updates


Failure Alerts for One-Time and Recurring Campaigns

To help you stay on top of your campaigns and identify issues sooner rather than later, you will now get email notifications if a one-time or a recurring campaign didn’t execute on time.  We’re introducing the ability for you to set a notification timer in which you can choose to get notified when the campaign didn’t complete within certain hours. This will also help improve your overall marketing effectiveness.

One caveat is that while the intention is to catch issues, it’s important to keep in mind that a campaign’s execution can be legitimately delayed because of the way the you configured the campaign. Here are some reasons when a campaign may take longer to complete but shouldn’t be a cause of concern:

  • Campaign uses day parting
  • Campaign uses send time optimization
  • Campaign uses automatic winner selection (i.e. there is a holdout time for running the A/B test before selecting the winner)
  • Campaign has a messaging limit that is lower than the number of customers in the segment
  • Campaign uses rate limiting
  • The campaign uses external fetches and there is a rate limit on invoking external fetch
  • The account has a (backend) rate limit on the channel or app used in the campaign
Monitoring preferences screenshot


Copy Trigger Delay Criteria

Imagine if you’re trying to set up a really complex dayparting schedule that you’ve previously set up, having to do it from scratch can be very time consuming and prone to errors. We’re introducing a ‘copy delay criteria’ feature in the campaign journey builder so you can copy delay from one trigger to another. When you copy a trigger’s delay criteria, it will copy all delay settings including wait times, day parting setup, send time optimization configuration and conditional hold criteria. This feature should save you time in replicating complex delay settings, and should also prevent human error.

Welcome SMS settings screenshot


Advanced Filtering with Tags

We have added more flexibility when it comes to filtering results (e.g. campaigns, templates, segments etc.) by tags on index screens and Insights reports so that you can now use a combination of “AND” and “OR” logic for tags.

The logic for evaluating tags will be as follows:

Tags which are in one group, will be evaluated using the “AND” logic
Tags which are in different groups will be evaluated using the “OR” logic
In the top example on the right, results will be fetched using the following logic:

( Category → Cross Sell AND Category → Upsell ) OR ( Country → USA AND Country → Canada)

In the bottom example on the right, the logic would be as follows:

( Category → Cross Sell AND Category → Upsell ) OR Country → USA OR Country → Canada

Category and country tags