Game-changing campaigns are within reach, you just need the right tech to back you up. Discover how you can craft the omnichannel customer experiences of your dreams through a single, intuitive interface — all while driving intelligent customer engagement and revenue.

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orchestrate engaging experiences

1:1 Customer interactions

Create and launch deeply personalized, multi-faceted, self-optimizing customer journeys that adapt in real time.

  • Personalize messages at the moment of engagement based on a complete customer understanding.
  • Create next-level campaigns with multiple conditions, channels, steps, and more, in minutes.
  • Trigger messages based on customers’ real-time behaviors, activity levels, interests, and more.

customer-centric campaigns

Scalable Customer Journeys

Craft sophisticated customer-centric campaigns across all of your marketing channels quickly and easily.

  • Create, automate, and scale personalized campaigns across every customer touchpoint.
  • Use the powerful canvas to build customer journeys that grow engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Bring campaigns to life and deliver value across every interaction with a fraction of the effort.

cross-channel marketing

All Channels, One Hub

Design intuitive cross-channel customer experiences in one hub. Seamlessly orchestrate journeys across all touchpoints.

  • Coordinate and individualize all of your entire customer experiences with omnichannel orchestration.
  • Deliver timely, personalized interactions based on customer behaviors with triggered workflows.
  • Bring any channel, tool, or touchpoint into the customer experience with connected partner apps.

Optimize Campaigns

A/B Testing and Insights

Improve the effectiveness of your email outreach by using A/B tests in Blueshift.

  • Best several templates, including different forms of personalization or entirely different content.
  • Optimize for different subject lines and increase your rate of engagement and conversion.
  • Automate winner selection on messaging triggers that have multiple templates.

Customer success story

LendingTree Increased Open Rates by 48%

“Our new journey approach has brought us closer to our customers. We have truly learned a lot about our customer segments, which at times were counter to what our perception was. Only by watching their behavior throughout the journeys in Blueshift were we really able to see that.”

Joyce Poole
Joyce Poole Sr. Director, Marketing CRM, LendingTree

Demo the Platform

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