Finding the right technology for your business and goals is paramount to your success. If all you need is to pipe data from Point A to Point B then ActionIQ is just fine. But if you’re looking for best-of-breed capabilities, omnichannel orchestration, support, and scalability—you’ve come to the right place.

Increase revenue with Blueshift by:

  • Activating relevant data with real-time customer profiles
  • Messaging customers with cross-channel orchestration
  • Sending the right message with AI recommendations
  • Optimizing campaigns with advanced A/B testing

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Blueshift vs ActionIQ

trim the shortlist

Why Choose Blueshift Over ActionIQ

Blueshift makes your data both accessible and actionable. As you prepare to trim your shortlist, here are a few things you should know; our platform was created by marketers for marketers, it’s built with flexibility in mind so it can solve for your unique use cases, it’s (infinitely) scalable for future growth, and it’s backed by a passionate, customer-first team that’s dedicated to your success.

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Connect Your MArketing STack

Blueshift Technology Partners

Easily integrate Blueshift with the tools and systems you already use. Automatically sync all your historic and real-time data with Shopify, Magento, and other retail and ecommerce platforms.


Product Recommendations: Retail & Ecommerce

Learn more about product recommendation themes, how to select the right ones throughout your customer journey, and best practices to add relevance across every interaction with your brand. logo over a red SUV

Customer success story Increased Customer Engagement 400%

“Blueshift’s platform flexibility addresses our complex data structure and makes it simple to deliver personalized messages and grow our channels.”

Houman Akhavan
Houman Akhavan Chief Marketing Officer,

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See Blueshift In Action

Take a self-guided tour or talk to us about the Blueshift platform and see how easy it is to connect all your data and drive customer-centric campaigns across marketing channels.