Stop wasting your ad dollars with more relevant and targeted ads that use the power of your first-party, behavioral, and predictive data to engage your audience.

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Precise segementation

Optimize Paid Media Ads

Enrich campaigns with powerful audience segments that auto-sync to stay up-to-date across all paid media platforms.

  • Use predictive intelligence to focus on high-propensity audiences and exclude low-value segments.
  • Reach customers, wherever they are, with coordinated targeting across all paid media partners.
  • Engage the right audiences with higher match rates by activating your relevant customer data in real-time.

Increase your efficiency

Create Segments in minutes

Improve your targeting and ROAS with easy audience segmentation. No more manual list building and uploading.

  • Build precise audiences based on affinities, intents, on-site behaviors, campaign engagement trends, and more.
  • Create or sync any custom audience in a few clicks with our advanced, yet user-friendly segment builder.
  • Define schedules for targeted audience segments to coninuously update, once synced.

Customer success story

Chatbooks Improved ROAS on paid media by Over +4.4X

“Blueshift’s easy-to-use segmentation studio enables us to identify and target the best users across paid media channels. It helped us improve our ROAS by over +4.4x, when it came to retargeting our current customers.”

Gerardo Castillo
Gerardo Castillo Gerardo Castillo

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