FuelCommerce is your full-service retention & lifecycle marketing partner. We help e-commerce brands increase customer loyalty and revenue through email and SMS marketing automation. We are Blueshift experts and have worked with Discovery, NerdWallet, James Allen, and other leading consumer brands to turn visitors into subscribers and first time customers into loyal brand advocates.

Services we offer:
Data & Segmentation: We’ll get more out of your database by creating complex segments for lifecycle personalization, cleansing your data to optimize deliverability, & maximizing list growth.

Automations: We’ll create specialized email automations to recover abandoned carts, drive cross-sells, prompt repeat purchases, increase lifetime value, optimize discount offers, and more. Top brands automate up to 50% of email-driven sales with Blueshift’s advanced segmentation builder, Recommendation engine & omni-channel campaign journey builder.

Campaigns: By understanding your subscribers, A/B testing, and personalized content, we’ll ensure all each touchpoint delivers maximum impact for your customers.
Reporting & Insights: We’ll provide actionable insights to continuously evolve your strategy & growth.

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