Ensure your emails look the way you intended with Inbox Previews directly within Blueshift’s Email Studio. This function is powered by our direct integration with Email on Acid by Sinch.

  • Confidently send error-free messages with previews that allow you to catch any inconsistencies before sending. 
  • Preview emails across the most popular email clients including 90+ clients and devices, showing exactly how your email will display.
  • Increase efficiency and effectiveness with all the tools you need to preview your emails in one place.
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Send flawless emails

How Email on Acid Works

Email on Acid by Sinch is an email QA platform that guides marketers and developers to send perfect emails to customers through content checks and previews. Its platform supports more than 90 email clients and devices.

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How Our Direct Integration Works

The direct integration with Email on Acid enables Blueshift customers to test and preview emails directly within Blueshift’s email studio. With the ability to test and preview emails on over 90+ clients and devices directly in Blueshift, marketers can increase efficiency, effectiveness, and eliminate errors. 

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