What does Blueshift do?

Blueshift is a customer data activation platform that empowers consumer brands to leverage their first-party data to deliver one-to-one personalized experiences at scale. Marketers at these brands can leverage Blueshift’s SaaS platform to deliver Netflix/Amazon/Spotify like hyper-personalized 1:1 experiences. We work with some of the top brands around the world including Udacity, BBC, PayPal, IAC, LendingTree, BankRate and more. We believe that every brand will move away from one-way conversations (batch and blast or “one size fits all” type experiences) to two-way conversations with every consumer at scale.

What does the name ‘Blueshift’ mean?

In the Doppler Effect, Blueshift refers to a movement towards higher frequencies, caused by a movement of a source towards the observer. At Blueshift, we help you increase the frequency of customer engagement with your brand, and bring your brand closer to the customer.

How does Blueshift make money?

High Gross Margins

Net negative Churn

High Lifetime Value

We sell our SaaS software on a subscription basis (recurring revenues, yay!) to mid-market and enterprise customers that pay us six-figures (hundreds of thousands of dollars) to seven-figures annually. Our pricing goes up based on usage, so typically we grow billings per each client every year. We have high gross margins (over 75%), low churn (negative churn actually!) and efficient go-to-market by recovering the cash we spend on acquiring a customer in the first few months! We have high LTVs (lifetime value) and we invest the money we make back into the product, platform to continue growing the company.

Who are your customers and how do they use you?

We work with consumer brands across multiple verticals, in fact, our core technology is vertical agnostic. We work with LendingTree (in Consumer Finance) to help consumers discover the right credit card or mortgage product, Udacity (eLearning) to drive students to complete their courses, BBC (Media) to help consumers discover content that delights them, PayPal (Marketplaces) to drive more liquidity in their marketplace and more.

What are your values?

  • Make new mistakes
  • Obsess over customer success
  • Raise the bar
  • Play as one team
  • Have fun. Seriously!

What do we do for fun?

We have an eclectic team with diverse interests like crypto-investing, hiking, photography, running marathons. We are competitive about ping pong and spend time honing our skills at the table in our office daily. We play outdoor volleyball as a team in summers when the weather is right. We host regular happy hours in office and hear about new/cool things people across functions are working on. We hold a Lunch & Learn series where folks share experiences such as recent travels to Asia, crypto-investing, high frequency stock trading and more. We organize summer picnics like a boat trip to angel island, hikes around the bay, white water rafting, volunteer to clean up neighborhood parks. Our team has varied interests, hobbies and passions, that adds to the culture we share.

What is your technology stack?

We are a polyglot team using multiple languages and databases. Our philosophy is to use the best technology that makes sense for the problem at hand. We are built on AWS as microservices and scale to billions of interactions analyzed and user-experiences personalized. In terms of programming languages, we use Golang where we need high concurrency, Erlang when we need distributed computing, Ruby on Rails for APIs/dashboard and business logic, Python for our machine learning pipelines. We use multiple databases including Cassandra, ElasticSearch, Hbase, Druid, S3, Postgres and more, we optimize for “data usage” versus “data storage”.

What is your technology differentiator / secret-sauce ?

At the core, Blueshift makes A.I. accessible to marketers to use directly from our dashboard. In fact, once a brand implements Blueshift, marketers can deliver 1:1 personalized experiences without needing a Machine Learning Engineer or a Data scientist. We do this with our patented software technology that abstracts away all the traditional aspects of manual model building, feature extraction, data normalization and more. We model our customer’s data as a first-party “Interaction graph” that allows us to adapt our technology to any vertical/consumer brand without the one-off steps in building ML models. The leading analyst firm, Gartner, recently recognized us as a Cool Vendor in AI for our unique and differentiated approach in making AI accessible to marketers directly.

What kind of AI/ML models do you use?

We use a variety of AI/ML models each suited for solving the core marketing problems of Who, What, When, Where and A/B..Z testing.

  1. Who: For finding target audience among client’s user base we use propensity models powered by state of the art ensemble GBM tree models with Deep Learning based low dimensional embeddings for feature representation.
  2. What: For recommending relevant content/items products we use Matrix Factorization and Collaborative Filtering algorithms
  3. When and Where: We use affinity models based on exponential decay on time series data.
  4. A/B..Z Testing: We use bayesian bandits for optimizing across multiple variants, creatives and learning algorithms with automated winner selection based on statistical significance.

How is the company doing?

100%+ Revenue Growth

Short answer: “Fantastic!”. We are experiencing a hockey stick growth. We are growing revenues over 100%+ year over year, and we plan to maintain our revenue growth as well as triple our headcount in 2019 with hiring across the board. We are well financed with some of the best names in the Saas + Martech industry. Our lead investor Storm Ventures also led the Series-A for Marketo previously and was on their board all the way to IPO. We have the current CMO of Coupa Software and former CMO of Marketo on our board as an Independent director.

What are the perks of work at Blueshift?

  • Health benefits – 100% premiums paid on medical, dental & vision plans with PPO and HMO plans.
  • Unlimited vacation. Friendly work from home policy.
  • Flexible spending accounts for transportation and parking
  • Life insurance & disability coverage
  • 401(k) plan to help you save for retirement
  • Daily catered lunches and well-stocked snack pantry
  • Work with founders/leaders directly in an environment that thrives on employee entrepreneurship. Work with customers directly in pre-sales, post-sales capacity.
  • Competitive salary & equity
  • Based in downtown San Francisco in the Financial District close to public transit including BART, Muni etc.

Blueshift’s vision is to put AI in the hands of every marketer.

San Francisco, CA
Charlotte, NC
Pune, India
London, UK



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