AI in the Inbox with Sparkpost and LendingTree

Learn how forward-thinking marketers are leveraging AI to drive superior results from their marketing — igniting engagement and driving repeat conversions throughout the customer lifecycle.


Josh Francia
Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift

Vijay Chittoor
Co-Founder & CEO, Blueshift

Kate Nowrouzi
VP, Global Email Deliverability & Privacy, SparkPost


57 Minutes

Discover how AI can revolutionize your marketing and drive 1:1 customer experiences.

Learn how Josh Francia, former VP of Marketing at LendingTree, uses Blueshift’s one-of-a-kind AI capabilities to craft 1:1 email marketing, and what impact that has had on business. Josh is joined by Blueshift CEO, Vijay Chittoor, and SparkPost VP of Global Email Deliverability and Privacy, Kate Nowrouzi.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How non-technical marketers can take advantage of the power of AI
  • How businesses are currently using AI within their marketing
  • What results AI can drive for your marketing team

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