Smart Marketing Automation: Using Data to Drive Automated Campaigns

Join the Sr. Solutions Architect, Stan Szeto for an introduction and demonstration of Blueshift and learn how you can grow revenue, loyalty, and lifetime value all-in-one SmartHub Customer Data Platform that turns data, AI, and triggered automation into engaging, personally tailored customer experiences across all your channels.


September 24 // 2020


30 Minutes

Demo On Demand

In this live 30-minute demo, you’ll discover how data automatically feed into automated campaigns and how 1:1 personalized, recommended content can be used to make automation better, smarter and faster with results.

You’ll Learn

  • How Blueshift helps Ecommerce marketers create personalized experiences and recommendations
  • How real-time triggers and can increase customer engagement across every channel
  • How to get a full demo of Blueshift customized specifically for your business and use case

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