Watch our demo and learn how to make the most of your Snowflake data with Blueshift.

Ready to tap into and fully unlock the power of your Snowflake data for customer engagement? Blueshift has the answer. And you don’t need IT to do it.

Blueshift has developed a direct, seamless integration with Snowflake that allows marketers to easily access a unified view of your customer data. Snowflake stores and organizes customer and operational data and Blueshift customers can now ingest this data to create more relevant and hyper-personalized 1:1 customer journeys powered by AI.

Check out the demo of this capability from an expert to learn how to:

  • Unlock Snowflake customer data with your real-time behavioral data to create a unified customer view for more seamless, cross-channel customer engagement.
  • Easily build precise segments and drive campaigns without SQL knowledge.
  • Activate your Snowflake data in near real-time through the ability to make incremental syncs between Snowflake and Blueshift.


Kristen Session

Product Marketing Manager, Blueshift

Eric Gordon

Senior Solutions Consultant, Blueshift