Gen Z and Millennial audiences can be your most loyal and active customers and brand advocates – you just need to understand what makes them tick at any given moment.

The best way to engage this audience is by collecting, integrating, and analyzing real-time, rich customer data coupled with AI-powered personalization to deliver relevant content to each person. As a result, you can more confidently segment this audience – even to a very granular degree – and market to them on their preferred channels with automated and coordinated hyper-personalized messages, offers, and recommendations.

Listen to our live, interactive webinar with Rebecca Bender, Email Marketing Manager at WayUp and Joan Jenkins, CMO at Blueshift and discover some immediate ways that you can boost your Gen Z and Millennial marketing.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Understand the different nuances of how Gen Z and Millennials like to engage and interact with brands
  • Stay in tune with key strategies that are a must when marketing to this audience, such as cross-channel marketing, social media, influencer marketing, social values and more
  • Use key best practices to build and foster lifetime loyalty with this audience