How to Use Data and Personalization to Capture the Omnichannel Shopper with Criteo

Join Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer at Blueshift, and Tim Rogers, Senior Vice President of Global Strategic Initiatives at Criteo, to understand how marketers can use their data to prioritize sending the right message to the right shopper at the right time for better customer experience, and a higher conversion rate.


Josh Francia
Chief Growth Officers, Blueshift

Tim Rogers
SVP of Global Strategic Initiatives, Criteo


June 03 // 2020


35 Minutes

Today’s Consumers Shop Around, How Does Your Brand Compare?

2020 consumers are detectives: Less than 10% of shoppers buy from the first website they visit. In addition, these modern shoppers each have their own DNA of offline and online touchpoints such as, reading online reviews, making in-store visits, browsing in-app, word of mouth, and more that make them unique. These 2020 consumers are omnishoppers, and we believe they’re here to stay.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Best practices for collecting and activating first-party data
  • How predictive intelligence and intent signals can optimize your marketing
  • How Blueshift and Criteo’s integration leads to a higher marketing ROI

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