Watch our demo and learn how to maximize customer engagement with AI-powered predictive recommendations.

Customers expect highly personalized experiences. By leveraging AI-powered predictive recommendations, marketers can deliver these at scale, while also increasing efficiency. In fact, messages with AI-powered content and product recommendations yield a 166% higher conversion rate, according to our 2023 benchmark report.

Learn how Blueshift is helping marketers connect their customers with the products and content that are most likely to drive the highest engagement.

We will cover:

  • How predictive recommendations enable marketers to deliver true 1:1 experience
  • Leveraging AI for simple to deploy product recommendations that can be used across channels
  • Utilizing over 100+ recommendation recipes to get started quickly and easily, including top recommendations recipes such as abandoned cart, cross-sell, and upsell
  • Case studies from real customers who have used recommendations deliver hyper-personalized experiences


Kristen Session

Product Marketing Manager, Blueshift

Ajay Sundar

Senior Solutions Consultant, Blueshift