Blueshift Raises $15M Series-B Investment

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Blueshift’s automation is powered by an Interaction Graph that stores each user’s stream of interactions with products or content.
The Interaction Graph makes it easy to personalize the content of each message to respond to the browsing, searching and buying behavior of a user. Marketers are fully in control of using the Graph to inject various forms of personalization into every communication, to drive 80-140% higher response rates within 4-6 weeks of going live.
Rolling out multiple personalized streams of communication has never been easier.

Product & Category
Affinity Scores

The Interaction Graph is continually enhanced with data from channel engagement, affinity scores & other attributes, placing marketers in full control of their Segment-of-One marketing initiatives.

& Time Preference

The Interaction Graph stores the history of each user interaction, including the platforms, channels and times at which these interactions took place. Marketers are now in control of reaching each user at the right time on the right channel.