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About Blueshift

Blueshift Powered by its patented AI marketing technology, the Blueshift Customer Data Activation Platform (CDAP) enables B2C marketers to unify their siloed data and use real-time customer insights and interactions to shape experiences across every brand touchpoint.

San Francisco based Blueshift was founded in 2014 by martech veterans Vijay Chittoor, Manyam Mallela, and Mehul Shah. Before starting Blueshift, the three founders saw first hand how marketing and engineers struggled to work harmoniously to activate data, and thus Blueshift was born.

Today, leading consumer brands such as LendingTree, Udacity, IAC and the BBC use Blueshift to transform their customer engagement.

Core Capabilities

Full-circle customer view. Access live profiles of identifiable and anonymous customers that capture complete histories and real-time behaviors from every channel, device, and system.

Predictive intelligence. Personalize interactions with AI that powers sophisticated segmentation, recommendations, and message optimizations.

Automated decisioning. Scale campaigns and create adaptive customer journeys by automating decisioning, triggering messages, and incorporating self-learning optimization.

App framework. Activate customer data and coordinate connected experiences across every channel through our many integrations.

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How much success have marketers seen with Blueshift?

Below are some of the results our customers have seen by scaling 1:1 campaigns and delivering better cross-channel experiences to an infinite number of customers.

$1.8 Million

in avoided costs from previous solutions

7X Greater

customer engagement and 3X revenue

$35 Million

revenue from streamlined workflow

Make the Shift to 
AI-Powered Marketing 

At Blueshift, our aim is to bring simplicity to the complex world of 1:1 marketing.

Our “secret sauce” to simplicity isn’t really a secret. It’s just really good, deeply integrated AI. And we want you to have it. All of it. Experience Blueshift and how it can impact your business.

"The most powerful platform for 1:1 customer marketing"

“The versatility of Blueshift’s recommendation engine, its ability to cover all of our use cases, was key for us. None of the other 13 other solutions we evaluated had the AI layer that could adapt to every changing user context, preferences and dynamic catalogs.”

Russell Middleton

“We use Blueshift’s AI-powered recommendations in our marketplace to suggest real estate listings for members who are looking for deals. We now have a robust marketplace where people are visiting, returning and discussing deals. Best of all, there’s no dev team needed.”

Lauren Hogan
Senior Director, Product Marketing

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