Friday Five on AI – @Pichai on #AIFirst, #AIMyths, #CX, #DigitalTransformation

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Welcome to our Friday Five hot topics on AI from this week. Think of this as that TL;DR of those stories you meant to read or might have missed.

Sundar Pichai says the future of Google is AI. But can he fix the algoritm?

One of the most exciting thing we all can do is demystify machine learning and AI’ – Sundar Pichai

Most executives talk about AI like it’s just another thing that’s included in the box or in its cloud; But Pichai is intent on pressing Google’s advantage in AI — by making products that are themselves inspired by AI.

We at Blueshift resonate with Pichai in being inspired by AI and not making it just a check box More on Google’s vision for AI.

5 Myths About Artificial Intelligence (AI) You Must Stop Believing

Something that particularly caught my attention, and hits the nail on its head is Myth#4.

Myth #4: Artificial intelligence will quickly overtake and outpace human intelligence

In some, for example speed of calculations or capacity for recall computers already far outpace us, while in others, such as creative ability, emotional intelligence (such as empathy) and strategic thinking, they are still nowhere near and aren’t likely to be any time soon.

In fact AI should be used as a tool to simplify complex tasks, so humans can focus on creativity and strategic thinking. Isn’t that what marketers and product teams are best at? Check out your other myths about AI in this Forbes article.

How these 5 technologies are improving the customer experience journey

A customer is one of the most crucial aspects of a business enterprise.

Bingo! Chatbots, Big data analytics, AI, Virtual Reality and ioT are transforming every domain in the customer experience. Several businesses are seeing results from their investments. Are you poised to leverage these technologies? Read more on how these technologies can enhance customer experience

How Will Digital Transformation Change the Marketing Funnel?

Digital transformation has changed the roles in the funnel. In fact, I would argue that we are moving away from a funnel based marketing to a customer journey based marketing, especially in B2C.

80% of revenue comes from 20 percent of the prospects, and 80 percent of the pipeline comes from 20% of the campaigns. Predictive analysis like AI identifies the 20 percent.

Technology has introduced new kinds of marketing tools that take the guesswork and grunt work out of marketing. See how AI is transforming and personalizing experiences for customers at different stages.

AI set to dominate agenda at Money20/20

And finally, we were in the news this week. Here’s an in-depth interview with our CEO, Vijay Chittoor on how Blueshift was built with AI at its core to solve marketer’s challenges:

For banks looking to differentiate themselves, providing good customer experience is essential — but not always easy. Retail banking is on the cusp of an artificial intelligence (AI)-driven revolution.

Curious to see more from Money 20/20 happening at the end of this month in Europe as they are devoting a significant time for AI on the agenda.