A Customer Data Accelerator is a new category of professional service dedicated to converting customer data from a static asset into a revenue-driving organizational currency. We solve for the noise and inertia caused by too many data silos, underutilized software, and widening skills gaps on teams not optimized for a new way of thinking about data.

Through a suite of products and services built around a conceptual core of data analysis, enhancement, and activation, the Customer Data Accelerator delivers the skills and expertise necessary to drive transformational value at every organizational level, from c-suite decisions on data strategy to downstream activation in customer-facing interactions.

Our core areas of focus include:

  • Strategic services guiding data design, management and software adoption decisions, including organizational transformation and use case development
  • Managed service solutions to accelerate and execute advanced data deployment use cases, focusing on CDPs and other advanced marketing systems
  • Customized data enrichment and enhancement services, including advanced insights development and privacy-safe technology facilitation
  • Stand-alone machine learning and predictive data science, including deployment and activation within existing technology stacks Our focus on revenue first brings our success into alignment with our clients’ ongoing sophistication and success in extracting more value from their customer data.

Our intrinsically collaborative and transparent model ensures lasting organizational value is transmitted into our clients’ teams and way of work.

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