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Our Mission

Treat every customer as a segment-of-one
having unique interests and intents

Our story

We founded Blueshift to address problems we encountered first-hand as marketing & machine learning leaders. We had previously founded Groupon Goods (Mertado), and were early team at WalmartLabs (Kosmix). At companies like Walmart & Groupon, we noticed that while marketers want to communicate with their customers on a 1:1 basis, it’s becoming increasingly harder in the era of the perpetually connected customer. Traditionally, marketers have attempted to solve this problem by building what we call as a “database of nouns” – e.g. a database of customers or products with their attributes. This approach was clearly not working, especially in a world where customers were interacting with brands and digital properties faster than ever before. Our thought process behind starting Blueshift was to ask what would happen if we built a new marketing technology stack on a “database of verbs”, capturing customer interactions on web & mobile in real-time & making it dead easy for marketers to use in cross-channel personalization. That was the genesis of our Programmatic CRM solution.

– Vijay, Mehul & Manyam, co-founders of Blueshift

We selected Blueshift as the key partner in our shift towards behavior-based cross-channel marketing. Our small team has been able to deliver over 1 Billion emails & push notifications across 12 countries, highly personalized with behavior-based, localized recommendations. In just 6 months with Blueshift, we've seen engagement rates climb to 40% and YoY direct email revenue has increased by 81%, far exceeding our expectations.

-Becky Spurr

, Head of Communications, Vouchercloud

With Blueshift's Programmatic CRM, we’ve seen a 200% increase in visits to our jobs section.We’ve had nothing but a positive experience since integrating with Blueshift. Their team has done a terrific job ensuring that the content recommendations fit our specific needs.

-Kevin Jan

, Email Marketing Manager, The Muse

Blueshift has helped us drive targeted lifecycle marketing, and dramatically improve our re-engagement rates. With Blueshift, we are now able to launch personalized campaigns on email & mobile app push notifications, and drive a consistent message across different marketing channels.

-Todd Kurie

, VP Marketing, Redmart

With Blueshift, we have launched very personalized triggered campaigns on email & mobile app push notifications. We are seeing significant improvements in conversion rates on these marketing campaigns which are highly targeted and relevant for the users

-Ashish Goel

, CEO, Urban Ladder

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Fun Fact
In the Doppler Effect, Blueshift refers to a movement towards higher frequencies, caused by a movement of a source towards the observer. At Blueshift, we help you increase the frequency of customer engagement with your brand, and bring your brand closer to the customer.