Blueshift for Subscription Services


Behavior + AI + Automation in a Single Platform

Convert Prospects to Active Customers

Use Blueshift to automate cart, search & browse abandonment with automated emails, mobile push notifications & SMS.

Convert Freemium to Paid Customers

Automate personalized offers to convert freemium users to paying customers.

Up-sell to higher value SKUs

Understand who is likely to be up-sold, and automate upsell offers

Reduce Churn with Predictive Modeling

Use Blueshift’s Machine Learning based scores to understand and reduce churn

Segment by Traffic Source, Lifecycle Stage, Predictive Scores and More

Segment users into cohorts based on fine grain real-time data

End-to-end reporting

One simple dashboard that gives you all the metrics you care for, customized to your needs

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