October Updates


Inbox Previews

To enable you to test and preview emails directly within Blueshift’s email studio, we have partnered with Email on Acid. You will be able to access this feature from the ‘Inbox Preview’ tab under the ‘Test’ tab. You can choose from (94) popular devices and email clients to preview your emails. You can easily filter the results of the test by platform, device type, and light/ dark mode. The results of your tests will be available on our platform for (90) days from the day of the test.

We will offer (50) inbox preview tests free per month, where each test can include up to (92) previews, based on your preferences. If you need more tests, there will be a nominal charge for each additional test. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.

Inbox preview screenshot


New Types of A/B Tests

To continue to help you optimize your messages, we will now support the following new types of A/B tests:

Pre-header Text: You can now A/B test the pre-header text in emails

Sender: For emails, you can now run an A/B test on ‘from name’, ‘from address’ and ‘reply to address’. For SMS, you can now test the performance of 2 or more SMS campaigns based on sender number/ code

See A/B Test reporting documentation here.

Email A/B Test setup screen


Multi Select Filters on Index Screens

For increased efficiency, when filtering results on index screens by attributes like author, status etc, you will now be able to select multiple values. So you will no longer need to filter down your results multiple times. You can now save time and get the results you need by selecting multiple values for your filter.

Multi-Select Campaign filtering


Unsubscribe Links in Transactional Emails

Some email clients like Gmail, include unsubscribe links in the email header. So even if you do not explicitly include unsubscribe links in your email content, users can unsubscribe from your emails through the header links. This can be problematic for transactional emails like order confirmations, password resets etc. where you don’t want your users to accidentally unsubscribe from such critical notifications.

With the new ‘remove unsubscribe links from email header’ setting under ‘Messaging Preferences ‘, you will be able to prevent your users from accidentally unsubscribing from business critical notifications.

Unsubscribe Links messaging preferences markup


Campaign Audit Trails Improvements

In order to make it easier to troubleshoot and debug campaign issues, we have enhanced our audit trail functionality. When you select a specific campaign (by entering the campaign ID), we will automatically pull up all the associated triggers so that you can see all the campaign related changes, both campaign properties and trigger settings, in one place. This will significantly improve your productivity as you will no longer need to look up the audit trail for each trigger individually.

Audit Trails page screenshot


Segment Builder Performance Improvements

In order to give you more control and improve efficiency, we have made an update to the segment editor so that you can now select the specific channels you would like to run a segment count for. With this update, you will now request a count for each channel by simply checking the channel checkbox before refreshing the segment count. These improvements enable you to get the results you are looking for, even faster by only showing you the “Matching Users” for the channel(s) you request.  

For the vast majority of your segments, where you don’t need channel specific counts, you will observe noticeable improvements when checking segment membership counts.

View Advanced Segment builder documentation here.

Segment counter markup


New Attentive APIs

Attentive recently launched their new API version. In order to ensure that Attentive continues to support any SMS messages you send from Blueshift, we have updated the Attentive SMS app in our App Hub to use the latest version of their APIs.

When you create a new Attentive SMS adapter, it will automatically use the latest API version. If you have an existing adapter, you will first need to request Attentive for a new API key. You will then need to update the API key in the Attentive SMS adapter with the new one and uncheck the ‘Legacy API’ checkbox. Once you save your changes, your adapter will automatically use the latest Attentive APIs the next time you send an SMS.

Attentive Adapter API Key


Plain Text Enhancements

Since spam filters watch for both HTML and plain text versions of a message, utilizing plain text alternatives is a great way to lower spam score. Blueshift automatically generates a plain text version of your email based on the HTML content. Additionally, Blueshift also allows you to define your own custom plain text version of the email.

With this enhancement, you will now be able to view and edit the default plain text content generated by Blueshift so that you don’t have to start from scratch when customizing it.

Plain text content editor screenshot


APIs to Get List of Campaigns

We have added a new API that will allow you to get a list of campaigns programmatically based on various query parameters.


Campaign Activity Report Changes

We have added a few new ‘extended attributes’ to the user campaign activity reports and updated an existing one in order to (1) support the new types of A/B tests and to (2) make them more intuitive as described: preheader_text, from_name, from_address, reply_to_address, and sender_from in one group. And have another bullet saying that, we also have ‘rendered*_’ for each of the above attributes which shows the rendered value i.e. without Liquid syntax

The rendered* attributes are only available for ‘send’ events. The raw values are available for all events. To get a full list of attributes available in a user campaign activity report, refer to our documentation.