July Updates


Global Campaign Filters

We now support setting up global filters at a campaign level that are applied at every trigger in an event triggered campaign. In the past, for event-triggered campaigns, you needed to repeat the same filter (like a user or event attribute check) to every trigger in the campaign which was error-prone and cumbersome.

With this enhancement, you can now setup global filters on event triggered campaigns that are automatically applied to every node in the trigger.

Event Triggered Campaign screenshot


Single Sign-on Support with SAML

Blueshift now supports single sign-on using SAML, an open standard for authentication and authorization. Using Blueshift’s SAML integration, you can now use identity providers such as OneLogin, Google Apps and others to centralize authentication to the Blueshift dashboard.

In order to setup SAML, the Blueshift account admin can login to the SSO Account configuration page. You can find more information on configuring SAML at our documentation site. Please reach out to your account manager if you need help setting up single sign on and SAML.