Connect and activate your relevant customer data with Blueshift’s Intelligent Customer Engagement platform. We provide marketers the ability to deliver dynamic customer experiences across every touchpoint.

How? With marketer-accessible AI.

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Single Customer View

Dynamic Customer Profiles

Customer profiles update in real time with every new activity so you always access the most relevant customer data.

  • Create profiles for known and anonymous customers with cross-device identity resolution.
  • Use our flexible data structures to customize to your unique datasets without data limits or additional data work.
  • Leverage real-time data to continuously shape customer interactions across all marketing channels.

Customer-centric Campaigns

Scalable Customer Journeys

Craft sophisticated customer-centric campaigns across all of your marketing channels quickly and easily.

  • Create, automate, and scale personalized campaigns across every customer touchpoint.
  • Use the powerful canvas to build customer journeys that grow engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Bring campaigns to life and deliver value across every interaction with a fraction of the effort.


Turn Customers into Lifelong Friends

Our all-in-one marketing hub empowers you to learn about each customer in real time so you can delight them anywhere they are with the right message, sent at the right time.

Rich Customer Data

Rich Customer Data

Connect relevant data from across your tech stack to build a rich and adaptable profile of each customer, so that you’re ready for any marketing activity.
AI Opitimization

AI Opitimization

Scale and automate your marketing with AI and target the right message and recommendations to the right customer at the right time.
Cross-Channel Hub

Cross-Channel Hub

Connect with your customers anywhere they are with integrated marketing campaigns across email, SMS, mobile app, social media, and more.

Technology partners

Maximize the Power of Your Stack

Leverage all your customer data and ensure every interaction is guided with an up-to-the-moment understanding of customers — including prior transactions, real-time behaviors, and more.

Customer success story Increased Customer Engagement 400%

“Blueshift’s platform flexibility addresses our complex data structure and makes it simple to deliver personalized messages and grow our channels.”

Houman Akhavan
Houman Akhavan Chief Marketing Officer,

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