Blueshift makes connecting with your customers easier than ever. Using the power of AI, you can deliver timely, relevant, and personalized messages at just the right time and on the channel, each customer is most likely to engage.

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Predictive segmentation diagram

the right customers

Predictive Segmentation

Our predictive segmentation empowers you to identify your customers’ likelihood to engage, purchase, churn, and more.

  • Use predictive scores to rank each customer based on their likelihood to perform a desired action.
  • Interact with every customer based on dynamically updated predictive scores and segments.
  • Measure the impact of predictive scores against actual results to ensure the AI is driving your desired outcomes.
Predictive recommendations example

the right message

Predictive Recommendations

Connect your customers with the products and content that are most likely to drive the highest engagement.

  • Use predictive recommendations to automatically choose the right content and product for each customer.
  • Adapt content in real time based on customers’ current context and latest behaviors to keep relevance.
  • Pull directly from any product or content catalog to incorporate into cross-channel campaigns.

The Right Content

GenAI for Personalization

Reach new heights in customer engagement and hyper-personalization with GenAI. Marketers can easily access AI to generate content with a simple click.

  • Generate content in the right tone and style for each customer across channels.
  • Get creative ideas for catchy and engaging email subjects and preheaders.
  • Polish and rephrase your current subject lines and preheaders.
Ai Powered send times

the right time

Send Time Optimization

Drive conversion with relevant, timely messages that trigger at critical moments of the customer journey.

  • Optimize send times for downstream behaviors that lead to revenue, rather than initial open rates.
  • Use AI to optimize send times by analyzing past messaging activity, customer attributes, and site activity.
  • Ensure you’re messaging each customer at the right time, every time.
AI Powered SMS marketing

the right channel

Channel Engagement Scores

Engage on the marketing channel that will drive the most impact with predictive channel engagement scores.

  • Update engagement scores in real time based on a deep analysis of customer engagement and behaviors.
  • Determine scores by historical campaign activity, catalog interactions, customer attributes, and more.
  • Deliver more precisely targeted customer experiences that adapt to each user in the moment.
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Customer success story

Zumper Scaled Lead Submissions by 384%

“Blueshift’s AI-powered recommendation engine allowed us to better serve our customers with targeted marketing and personalized campaigns at scale. The platform enabled us to turn user behavior into experiences that capitalize on actionable insights that were critical to customer experience.”

Kristy Ng
Kristy Ng Director, Lifecycle Marketing, Zumper

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