Tradera, an Online Marketplace for Sustainable Goods, Increases Sales by 131% with Personalized Recommendations

Tradera is laser-focused on creating a more sustainable way of life as Sweden’s largest online marketplace for used goods. The company streamlines its auction process by having a fully-integrated system that handles the full gamut of transactional processes: item auctions, payment methods, shipping alternatives, reviews, etc. Tradera wanted a powerhouse of a system to similarly handle a variety of marketing processes, and ultimately chose Blueshift for the job.


In Sales when Using
Personalized Recommendations




Increase in
Email Open Rates


Tradera is a leading eCommerce marketplace. Every week, Tradera is visited over 5 million times, and every three seconds a product’s owner changes. For over twenty years Tradera has worked with circular consumption.

Tradera was founded in 1999 but was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2006. In 2015 Tradera was acquired by PayPal.


Stockholm // Sweden


Online Marketplace


Legacy Solution Lacked Data Collection and Automation Capabilities

Prior to Blueshift, Tradera was using a legacy marketing solution that required substantial manual effort and limited the team to batch-and-blast email campaigns. They had no visibility into performance and couldn’t easily access their first-party data. Adding to the complexity, auctions vary in length, and they have a constantly changing catalog of millions of products. Tradera needed a solution that could handle their dynamic catalog and also surface the most relevant recommendations to each member.


Surface the Right Auctions, to the Right Users, at the Best Time

Tradera’s unique business model is driven by user listings. To deliver the right customer experience they need to understand varying data types across their buyers, sellers, and catalog. Tradera needed to find a solution that could collect, unify, and activate all their data from their website, mobile application, and email campaigns in a single location. They also needed something that was customizable and could connect with their existing systems. 

In short, Tradera needed a customizable solution that would enable them to:

  • Become agile with self-serve capabilities that enable them to build precise audience segments and launch multi-channel campaigns
  • Deliver personalized recommendations to each user based on past purchases, website activities, popular items, lost auctions, and more at scale without IT or engineering resources
  • Manage their constantly-changing product catalog, often an inventory of 1, to surface relevant, live auctions across channels
  • Improve user experiences by delivering highly-engaging, consistent opportunities to connect across their website, mobile application, and email

“Our small, time-constrained team has been able to deliver personalized, 1:1 product recommendations across our website, mobile app, and email campaigns at scale which we could not do with our previous solutions.”


Deliver Personalized User Experiences Across Channels

Tradera selected Blueshift because of its superior ability to adapt to their business-specific needs, in addition to the platform’s sophisticated architecture and AI capabilities. Blueshift allows them to deliver personalized auction recommendations across all of their marketing channels such as email, mobile, and web, helping their users to discover the most relevant listings to power growth.

Through the integration, Tradera was able to introduce an endless scroll of personalized product recommendations on their homepage that adapts to each user’s interests and latest behaviors. Their small team has also been able to drive user engagement through highly-targeted campaigns such as real-time auction updates, post-auction updates, new listings, and favorite sellers notifications.

The following capabilities were essential to Tradera’s success:

Single Customer View
Centralizes both buyer and seller data from their website and mobile app such as placing a bid, wishlist, losses, website visits, page loads, and app opens to build a holistic view of their users

Personalized Recommendations
Leverages AI to personalize customer experiences across their website, email, and mobile app based on users’ previous purchases, viewed items, similar products, and other attributes

Advanced Segmentation 
Allows Tradera to create precise user segments such as active buyers, frequent sellers, best customers, and more to deliver highly relevant, engaging messages

Cohesive Multi-Channel Customer Journeys 
Ensures highly personalized, consistent user experiences across all channels and devices

Audience Ad Targeting
Enables Tradera to optimize paid media performance by identifying and targeting precise lookalike audiences or geo-locations with relevant ads across Facebook and Google


Because of Blueshift’s solution, a small team of marketers can manage the entire process of personalizing their website, triggered email campaigns, and mobile campaigns.

+131% in sales when using personalized recommendations

+40% homepage click-through-rates

+2.5x% email open rates

Next Steps

To continue their success with Blueshift, Tradera also plans to introduce a number of automated Push Campaigns to enhance their existing automated email campaigns and personalized website experiences. They also plan to expand their advertising efforts beyond Facebook and Google thanks to Blueshift’s integration with Criteo.

“I would recommend Blueshift to companies that have a unique business model. Blueshift is completely customizable, and can adapt to business-specific needs in ways that show immediate and profound impact.”

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