From Aspirations to Reality

Activating Customer Data for AI-powered Marketing

Blueshift and TechValidate conducted a research study with 198 companies to better understand how B2C marketers are using artificial intelligence to increase the effectiveness of their campaigns.

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Learn why some brands are more successful than others, plus what holds marketers back from activating customer data.
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What’s in the Report

7 key findings and 4 recommendations for any business looking to adopt or expand their use of AI


The top reasons marketers are held back from using AI in their marketing


The relationship between customer data usage and achieving revenue goals


What leading organizations are doing with AI in their marketing

Customer Data

How a lack of access to your customer data is holding your marketing team back

Deliver Game-Changing, Repeatable Growth

Learn how leading organizations are applying AI for marketing success

“Blueshift is a responsive partner that has grown with us, supporting our drive to provide the best-tailored content to our users, through the correct medium, at the right time. If we had stuck with our old system, we’d need to add a number of people across the board, data scientists, data engineers, and marketers, to achieve the complexity of what Blueshift does for us today.”

Russell Middleton
Co-Founder, Zumper

“Blueshift allowed us to up-level our campaigns and provide 1-to-1 personalization using dynamic user information. We can now focus on high-intent customers that want to hear my message rather than email blasting and annoying my whole customer base. The result? +100% increase in email engagement.”

Stephen Cruz
Lifecycle Marketing Manager, Chatbooks