Watch our interactive webinar and learn how online learning community, Skillshare, uses AI to personalize email to increase engagement.

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It’s no secret that personalizing your emails increases engagement and AI makes it easier, more precise, and faster. 80% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that provides personalized experiences1 (Litmus). 

Join our webinar with Mary Aguililla from Skillshare, the world’s largest online learning community for creativity,  to hear how its marketing team inspires discovery through creativity by effectively personalizing emails to over 785,000 students, highlighting 30,000 different classes.


Watch now to learn how to: 

  • Use predictive recommendations to match users with the courses that best fit their unique needs based on user behavior, activity, and interests 
  • Develop localized email programs based on each users location and language to create personalized experiences 
  • Optimize campaigns with a comprehensive testing program, including A/B testing for subject line, creatives, and entire customer journeys
  • Take advantage of AI to optimize send times for each user and generate personalized content using GenAI


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Mary Aguililla

Senior CRM Marketing Manager, Skillshare

Ben Okeya

Customer Success Manager, Blueshift