Watch our demo and learn how to make the most of your catalogs to boost ROI and deliver 1:1 experiences.

Companies with large, complex catalogs often struggle with delivering 1:1 personalized experiences for their customers and tend to fall back on batch and blast messaging. These catalogs can be intimidating but with the right solution, marketers can harness the power of their catalogs with customer data and AI to boost personalization, efficiency, and ROI.

 Learn how Blueshift is helping marketers personalize every interaction with ease to drive more revenue. We will cover:

  • Approaching and leveraging catalog data with Blueshift 
  • Creating hyper-targeted customers segments using catalog related activities and metadata
  • Building automated campaigns tied to real-time product updates to target customers in market 
  • Leveraging AI for simple to deploy product recommendation recipes that can be used across channels
  • Case studies from real customers who have embraced their catalog complexity to deliver 1:1 personalized experiences


Kristen Session

Product Marketing Manager, Blueshift

Eric Gordon

Senior Solutions Consultant, Blueshift