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MarTech Virtual: Using AI to Create a More Human Experience

Today’s cross-channel customers expect you to react and respond in real time to engagement across marketing, commerce, and CX channels — and they expect you to do it in a personalized manner. Seamlessly coordinate cross-channel customer experiences with the power of AI.




15 MIN

Implement Meaningful 1:1 Personalization

Join Blueshift Co-Founder & CEO, Vijay Chittoor to learn how AI helps leading organizations deliver customer-centric engagement at scale. We’ll discuss how this technology can be easily leveraged throughout the customer journey to send coordinated, personalized messages across top channels to drive customers to engage, convert, and become brand loyalists.

After This Session, You’ll Learn:

  • How to understand the components of AI-powered, customer-centric engagement
  • How to describe how AI unlocks 1:1 customer-centric engagement at scale
  • How to quantify the impact of AI-powered engagement

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