Creating Smarter, Automated, Omnichannel Customer Journeys

Join our Principal Solutions Consultant, Jolyon Hunter for an introduction and demonstration of Blueshift and learn how marketers can leverage the ‘Hub’ part of Blueshift to be able to reach all channels through campaigns and syndications and using one centralized, dynamic segment to fuel the targeting.


December 3 // 2020


30 Minutes

Demo On-Demand

In this 30-minute demo, you’ll discover how the “Hub” of Blueshift’s SmartHub CDP can help marketers reach customers across every channel in just a few clicks.

You’ll Learn

  • How to integrate and add all of your needed platforms to a Blueshift journey
  • The benefits of executing omnichannel journeys in one, central location
  • How to optimize targeting across both campaigns and syndications with the SmartHub CDP

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