The Total Economic Impact™ Of Blueshift

A deeper look at the cost savings and business benefits enabled by our Customer Data Activation Platform. Download the entire study, or try the ROI calculator to see how Blueshift can impact your business.

Through four customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Blueshift had the following three-year financial impact for a composite organization representing an $700 million eCommerce retailer.


Return on Investment


Revenue Lift
Over 3 Years


Revenue Lift from
Cross-Channel Efficiency

How much success have marketers seen with Blueshift?

What would happen if you could scale 1:1 campaigns and deliver better cross-channel experiences to an infinite number of customers? That’s what Blueshift delivers with the world’s only Customer Data Activation Platform. In this commissioned study conducted by Forrester on behalf of Blueshift, take an in-depth look at how four of our customers infused their tech stack with our patented AI and drove game-changing marketing results.