Hospitality Brand, Suiteness,
Grows Bookings 2X by Scaling Personalization with AI

Rapidly expanding hospitality brand, Suiteness, specializes in connecting hotel suites that accommodate four or more guests, providing more space for less money. It offers the same space and affordability of a vacation rental with the amenities of a hotel, as well as trip-planning support from real people at no additional cost. To stand out in the competitive travel industry, Suiteness needed to deliver rich, timely, personalized end-to-end travel experiences as it grew and diversified its user base, partners and markets without adding workflow complexity or draining resources.


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Suiteness started in 2013 with the goal of making it easier for families and friends to take more vacations. Their platform makes it possible to book connecting hotel rooms you can’t find anywhere else, perfect for groups of four or more.


Oakland, CA // USA


Online Hotel Rental Platform


Drive Growth by Increasing Marketing Volume and Efficiency

As Suiteness set its sights to multiply its hotel partners, suite inventory and users, its lean marketing team couldn’t continue to be hindered by manual processes such as uploading static lists and using hard-coded templates that limited them to impersonal, ineffective batch and blast marketing.

Suiteness needed a scalable, cross-channel marketing platform that could support its increasing data complexity and drive its growth strategy:

  • Grow Booking Volume by Growing Marketing Volume
    Scale their email and SMS program volume and variety through automation.
  • Adapt Personalization with Real-Time Context
    Ensure every message is personally relevant and provides the feeling that each recipient is receiving “insider information” from Suiteness’ concierge.
  • Scale Seamlessly with its Expanding Business
    Deliver connected experiences and launch new programs quickly as Suiteness extended its markets, hotel properties and member-base.

“Blueshift is an extension of our team. They are a true partner in strategy, ideation, and execution. Our strategy of driving more bookings through more emails, more segmentation, and more customization could not be achieved without Blueshift.”


Automate, Personalize and Scale with AI

Suiteness turned to Blueshift to re-imagine its customer engagement strategies for the platform’s powerful predictive capabilities, customizability and flexibility. Blueshift’s Customer Success team and integration with Segment made onboarding seamless. Suiteness was up and running within a month.

With Blueshift’s intuitive, unified platform Suiteness’ lean marketing team quickly set up its core activation, conversion and retention campaigns, including its Welcome Series, Abandoned Browse and Cart, Member Reactivation and retargeting campaigns. With campaigns dynamically running on autopilot the team was free to focus on strategizing and optimizing new experiences.

The following core capabilities were integral to the strategy’s success:

Real-Time Behavioral Segmentation
Suiteness’ marketing team had an intuitive interface to create precise customer segments that update dynamically based on a real-time stream of on-site customer interactions.

Personalized Recommendations
Suiteness embedded suite recommendations across every email, which dynamically update based on real-time suite inventory, top trending hotels by destination, travel dates and user preferences. Predictive affinities enabled them to showcase the most appealing suites to new users.

Trigger-Based Emails and SMS
Suiteness never missed an opportunity to engage members at critical decision points by triggering messaging from key user behaviors and events.

Visual Campaign Builder
Suiteness effortlessly created automated, smart, multi-touch campaigns within a simple visual interface that incorporates campaign testing, measurement and optimization at every step of the customer journey.

Next Steps

Suiteness is utilizing Blueshift’s other capabilities, such as geolocation to recommend suites in nearby locations, and adding triggers and touchpoints.

Suiteness’ emails powered by Blueshift’s real-time segmentation and personalization have been featured in best practice round-ups, including:

“Thanks to Blueshift’s AI-backed platform, our content is more relevant to the consumer – this is evident in the 170% growth in conversion from email. Before Blueshift, we were bogged down in the details of data and execution. Now, we have a tool that does the heavy lifting and that’s allowed us to get really creative.

I’m amazed at how many customer programs we’ve been able to automate, optimize, and scale in a short time without needing to pull in other teams. The intelligence and recommendations have allowed us to understand our customers and speak to them on an individual level.”

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