December Updates


Our team has been working hard over the last couple of months, working on features to better engage your customers. Check out our highlights for December below.

Browser Web Push Notifications

You can now deliver browser web push notifications in supported browsers (such as Chrome) using Blueshift’s Cloud App capability along with a web push SDK provider such as OneSignal. Web push notifications can be orchestrated in campaign journeys and can leverage predictive content recommendations as well as other personalizations. Web push engagement data such as impressions and clicks can be captured via callback urls in Blueshift journeys.

Deliver personalized web push messages that use content recommendations

In order to use this capability, you would need to sign up for browser web notifications at and use the relevant credentials with your Cloud App template within Blueshift. You can read more on our Browser Web with OneSignal Push documentation page.

Select the OneSignal web push template from Cloud App.