September Updates


Our team has been hard at work over the summer to make it easier to integrate Blueshift with third party apps. In addition, we’ve also been working on features and enhancements requested by our customers.

Check out our release highlights below.

Cloud Apps for Custom API Integrations

Blueshift’s Cloud App channel allows marketing teams to orchestrate additional channels, analytics, CRM, support systems and in-house marketing apps with cross-channel unified customer journeys. The Cloud App channel can insert 1:1 predictive content that includes user attributes, predictive scores and content recommendations over REST APIs to several martech tools.

You can use this for applications such as:

  • Messaging: Send personalized messages to new channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, LINE, browser web push & more
  • CRM: Update CRM systems such as based on user engagement in a journey or with personalized content
  • Support: Create new support tickets in systems such as Zendesk based on user behavior in a journey and include abandoned items for follow-up
  • Engage: Send NPS surveys with or send a post card with
  • Ads: Re-target users on Adroll or other display retargeting tools with custom audiences
  • Collaborate: Inform your in-house account management or support teams on Slack or via based on user actions in a journey
  • Analytics: Update your analytics system such as Google Analytics based on user action in a journey
  • More: Extend personalized messaging and orchestration to any custom martech tool or in-house app you may use with or REST APIs

Read more about this new channel at our Cloud App docs site.

In order to use this offering, reach out to your CSM or email us at

Print Journey Summary

You may now print a summarized view of a journey that illustrates various steps and delays within a campaign journey.

In order to print a journey, simply click on the Printer icon from the edit screen. Once you are in the Print view, you may take a screenshot or print the screen using your browser’s print functionality.

Screen Shot 2018-08-30 at 8.59.42 AM.png

Archive Triggers

You can now archive triggers that are no longer relevant in a journey. Archiving a trigger will result in that step in the journey being disabled.

You have the ability to archive triggers in all campaign types, except for live content. Archiving a trigger will remove it from the campaign journey and the campaign editor. Users who were last messaged by the archived trigger will fall out of the campaign, but may be eligible to re-enter the campaign. You can archive triggers in launched event triggered campaigns, but you will need to pause other types of campaigns first, before archiving. You can still view past campaign engagement statistics for archived triggers under the campaign detail page (for historic reporting).

In order to use this capability, click on the “Archive campaign trigger” icon on the lower right while editing a trigger touch point. Read more on this capability on our help site at archiving triggers.