July Updates


Our team has been hard at work over the last month to make it easier for you to deliver relevant, personalized content to your users via the right channel. Check out our release highlights below.

External Fetch

You may now include “just in time” content from external servers in your email messages using the external fetch capability in email template studio. An external authenticated URL can be fetched just before an email is sent, and may return JSON content for use in the template. The content returned from the external URL should be valid JSON and is parsed and available as Liquid variables. You may subsequently include these Liquid variables as content in your messages, or use them in conditional expressions.

Some sample use cases include:

  • Perform real-time inventory/product availability checks before message send
  • Automatically sign in a user with authenticated links that include a personalized user token on each email link
  • Include dynamic content such as as ads, blogs or conditionally display content based on availability

External content fetch is available on all email messages including one-time, recurring, segment & event triggered campaigns. You may read more about this capability on our documentation site. Please reach out to your success team manager if you wish to use this premium feature.

Use in segments

Use in journeys as filters

Predictive Channel Optimization

It’s old news that customers switch seamlessly between multiple devices throughout the day and expect brands to reach them over their preferred channel of engagement. But for marketers managing multitude of campaigns and channels it’s a daunting task to stitch together all the messaging interactions, site and app interactions and user attributes to figure the right channel for the right user and keep that continually updated.

Today we are announcing “Predictive Channel Optimization” as an advanced capability for marketers on Blueshift platform to automate discovering the right messaging channel for each user using cutting edge AI algorithms. The algorithms look at sum total of user activity on each messaging channel, downstream engagement metrics like number of sessions, time spent on sites and apps and recency of engagement, to learn for each individual user, what channel they are most likely to engage on. The new capability is built right into the campaign and segmentation modules and seamlessly integrates into marketer workflows. Contact your success team for enabling this in your accounts.

Sample use in journeys to message user with right channel based on affinity