May Updates


Our team has been working hard over the last month. Check out our new features and the enhancements we made to our platform based on your feedback.

Secure Event Callbacks

You can now protect your messaging event callback endpoint with basic authentication. In order to use this capability, simply add the username and password for basic authentication. Adding authentication to your endpoints, protects them from malicious activities.

GDPR: Delete User from Dashboard

In order to help you comply with GDPR, Blueshift now supports a mechanism in the customer profile page to erase/forget all information on a user. This capability complements the ‘/forget’ API endpoints to also empower your marketing and customer support team members to easily forget all user information based on a call or support ticket.

Recommendation Performance Report

Blueshift now reports on performance of recommendation schemes. For each recommendation scheme, the report shows number of sends, impressions, click, click rate and impression rate. The report makes it easy to compare performance of recommendation schemes quickly to determine which personalization techniques perform better.

In order to see the performance of recommendation schemes, simply head to the recommendation studio list page.