April Updates


Our team has been working hard over the last couple of months. Check out our new features and the enhancements we made to our platform based on your feedback.

Google Adwords Syndication

Blueshift now supports syndicating predictive audiences to Google Adwords Customer Match. You may use this capability to create behavioral and predictive segments in Blueshift and sync them with Google Adwords for subsequent use in paid campaigns across Google Search, Shopping, Youtube and Gmail.

You may read more about Google Customer Match at Google’s support site or read more about using it in Blueshift here.

In order to use this capability, you may follow these steps:

1: Add your credentials

2: Create your Syndication

3: Launch your syndication

Multiple Email Adapters in Test Sends

Blueshift now supports the ability to pick an email adapter for test sends in email studio. Previously, “Test sends” would pick the default email adapter making it inconvenient to test deliverability when working with multiple email adapters.

In order to use this capability, click on “Advanced” section in Test Send and pick the relevant adapter in the “Send using” pull down list.

GDPR: Forget user API end-point

Blueshift now supports the ability to delete/forget a user using an API end-point for programmatically. You may use this capability to achieve GDPR compliance, i.e. ability for a user to request erasing all information related to them. Note: Once user data is deleted, it cannot be restored/retrieved.

More details on the API end-point here.