January Updates


Our team has been working hard over the last month. Check out our new features and the enhancements we made to our platform based on your feedback.

Event Volume Charts on Click-Stream Page

Blueshift now shows event volume charts on the click-stream tracking page. You can use these charts to compare the relative volumes of events received over a period of time. The charts can help analyze a drop or spike in events over a period of time, or compare relative volumes between different events.

Global Inclusion Segment

We’ve added the ability to define a global inclusion segment. This is an optional, top-level safeguard that helps ensure an account can only message users based on certain user attributes. You can use this to restrict messaging to users who have opted in, based on user location, or based on other business practices.

A global inclusion segment has the following characteristics:

  • There can only be one per account
  • The segment logic is limited to user attributes
  • A user must match the global inclusion segment in order to match any other segment
  • A user must match the global inclusion segment in order to eligible to be messaged by a campaign

Setting up a global inclusion segment is available to account admins under account settings.

Here’s an example of a global inclusion segment that restricts its account to only have access to users who have a last_location_country attribute equal to “USA”. Users that do not belong to this Global Inclusion Segment, will not be messaged on any channel.

Blueshift Android SDK: Support for Oreo

Blueshift Android SDK now supports Android 8.0 (Oreo). The SDK release now supports updated notification handling, notification styling changes as well as optimized carousel notifications for Oreo. App developers may review detailed release notes on github.