Customer Success Story

Personalization and AI Empower Artifact Uprising’s Lean Team to Break the Mold

“I know Blueshift is preparing us to move into the next phase of hyper-personalization, leveraging AI capabilities to really bring the message to the customer and make sure it’s timely and relevant for them.”


Artifact Uprising is an online photo books and prints company that believes materials matter and design defines. Recycled papers and reclaimed options can be found throughout their product line.


Denver, CO // USA


Online Photo Books & Prints

Scaling Campaigns with Hyper-Personalization

Blueshift powers every communication Artifact Uprising sends. This empowers their lean team to be more powerful than ever. A massive amount of data is left behind in their one-of-a-kind purchasing process, and Blueshift is making good use of it. Artifact Uprising has been able to scale campaigns with hyper-personalization, engage users at every stage of their journey, and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks.

“Blueshift is our one-stop-shop. Being able to control multiple channels in one platform is really important for us because we are a super small team — to be able to consolidate toolsets and execution makes us move faster. Blueshift really impacts our day-to-day by making us more agile.”

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