The Challenges of High Volume Senders

Discover how marketers at LendingTree use the richness of their customer data to personalize marketing for millions — that repeatedly unlocks tremendous growth — and how marketers can craft their own formula for repeatable success.


Chris Kachel
Senior Director CRM, LendingTree

Tonya Gordon
Deliverability & Compliance Ops Manager, SparkPost

Marina Ben-Zvi
Director of Product Marketing, Blueshift


35 Minutes

Data-Driven Marketing That Propels Growth — and Scales

Discover how LendingTree combats challenges specific to high volume, highly personalized email senders in this webinar with Chris Kachel of LendingTree, Tonya Gordon of SparkPost, and Marina Ben-Zvi, Director of Product Marketing at Blueshift.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The common pattern that large senders see in their email sends
  • The problems that arise when sending mass amounts of email marketing
  • How your existing data can help solve for these common problems

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