Email Deliverability: 3 Key Steps to Inbox Victory

Blueshift’s Deliverability Expert, Kim Paxton shares her best practices for crafting a healthy reputation for any email program, to ensure all of your emails make it to your most valued customers.


Kim Paxton
Head of Deliverability, Blueshift


52 min

3 Crucial Factors to Building or Refining Your Email Deliverability Strategy

Reaching the inbox may be challenging at times, especially when migrating to a new ESP or launching a new email program. The deliverability experts at Blueshift are here with an assist: three crucial factors to keep in mind when building or refining your email deliverability strategy.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The importance of email deliverability
  • The basics of creating an email strategy
  • How to monitor your list integrity
  • How to maintain healthy engagement

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