AI-Powered Brands with Skillshare

The brands that are winning at customer experience, growth, retention, and revenue are AI-powered brands. Find out how Blueshift customers leverage AI in this webinar with Brooke Young from Skillshare and how they improved retention by over 89% with Blueshift.


Brooke Young
Sr. Marketing Manager, Skillshare


47 Minutes

Drive Customer Engagement, Increase Retention, and Drive Higher LTV

Learn how nimble high-growth companies use AI-powered marketing to spark customer engagement and ignite revenue. In this webinar, we’re joined by Skillshare, and we’ll outline 5 most common tactics deployed by high-growth companies getting AI-powered marketing right.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How marketers, product managers, and business leaders can all become “data-driven”
  • How to drive customer engagement with AI
  • How to increase retention with your existing data
  • How to drive higher LTV

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