Adapting Strategies to Changing Consumer Behavior

JULY 22ND  //  12 PM EDT  //  9 AM PDT

Join eCommerce leaders from U.S. Auto Parts, Chatbooks, M13 Ventures, and Blueshift to understand how the eCommerce industry is changing due to shifting consumer preferences and ways you can successfully adapt and reshape strategies set your business up for success.


Houman Akhavan
CMO, U.S. Auto Parts

Gautam Gupta
Partner, M13 Ventures

Rachel Hofstetter
CMO, Chatbooks


Marina Ben-Zvi
Director of Product Marketing, Blueshift


60 Minutes

How to Grow Your Ecommerce Business with Shifting Expectations

We’ll explore which channels offer greater opportunities for stellar customer experiences, and how marketers can optimize the customer experience — all while remaining nimble and responsive to fluctuations to the eCommerce world.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Recent shifts in customer behavior and how they’re reshaping your marketing strategies
  • Which channels are having a greater role in your marketing mix
  • How you continue to deliver a strong customer experience during times of change
  • Expert advice to eCommerce brands about how to stay adaptive and responsive to customers

“This is an incredible shift in demand, customers are moving from offline channels to online. Brands really need to be prepared as these new customers are coming online, you want to capture them and deliver the best experience you can. If you’re not prepared you risk delivering a poor experience and failing to meet customer expectations. And once the broader economy recovers, you may not be in the best position to capture those customers.”

“In the industries that have been propelled by COVID, we’ve seen brands pull back on a lot of their marketing spend just because they either are capacity constrained or just simply don’t need to actively push as much as they’ve needed to in the past. Those spaces are really shifting from push to pull where the consumer demand has increased.”

“In some ways, (traditional marketing) is moving more like social media. For social media, we plan two weeks out and gut-check everything a day or two ahead. Now, we’re gut checking everything marketing produces a day or two ahead and things just keep changing. For 2020 the theme is uncertainty.”

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