How to Create Continuous Customer Engagement

Customer engagement drives purchase decisions, loyalty, and revenue. Successful companies leverage engaging customer experiences as competitive differentiators for growth. So what is the secret to unlocking this success?


Connected eCommerce Campaigns Need Connected Data: Web Push Notifications and SmartHub CDP

Marketers are facing more competition than ever for customer attention — consumers receive as many as 60 messages each day. How is a marketer to break through? Personalization. Leading marketers in eCommerce are using data to personalize the customer experience and create relevant omnichannel journeys that increase sales.


APRIL 14, 2021


30 MIN

Join Josh Francia, Chief Growth Officer of Blueshift as he shares:

  • Why the first step to customer engagement starts with your data
  • Where AI can be leveraged in customer engagement
  • The real world, bottom-line impact of engaging experiences

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