Resurrect Your Demand and Pipeline Right Now

The nation’s top marketing and product leaders from Blueshift, Closed LoopEffin Amazing, and Lob team up to discuss how to address all stages of the funnel (both B2B and B2C) during this COVID-19 crisis.


Lance Loveday
CEO, Closed Loop

Michael Peach
Head of Product Marketing, Lob

Dan McGaw
Founder & CEO, Effin Amazing

Josh Francia
Chief Growth Officer, Blueshift


1 Hour

How You Can Thrive In Hard Times

Watch this roundtable discussion designed to highlight real-world examples of how winners are winning and how creative businesses are turning the coronavirus situation into a once in a lifetime growth opportunity.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How product teams are reducing churn and achieving growth during this tumultuous time
  • How to shift sales and marketing targeting to make money today
  • What industries are seeing the biggest impact
  • Unique demand strategies to resurrect your pipeline
  • Ways to stand out from your competition and cut through the noise

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