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Blueshift User Case Studies

Brands that Made the Shift

Don’t take our word for it. Hear from hundreds of forward thinking marketers that accelerated their growth and improved operational efficiencies by using Blueshift.

Hear how Blueshift helps fintech. In this video, ClearScore details how they’re able to build targeted, cross-channel campaigns and personalize 40 million emails per month.

Donatella Storchi
Growth Marketing Lead at ClearScore

Hear how Blueshift helps ecommerce. In this video, Artifact Uprising details how they’re moving into the future of marketing with 1:1 personalization, multi-channel campaigns, and AI.

Heather Dettmann
Head of Retention Marketing, Artifact Uprising

“Blueshift really puts the customer needs first and they have an incredibly powerful platform, yet easy to use. Blueshift staff is there for you, open for out-of-the box solutions, powerful tool while the platform is nothing I've experienced before. Modern marketing and end-customer needs expectations being raised every day, Blueshift helps us to be relevant, interesting and personalized to our end-customers.”

Fredrik Salzedo
CRM Manager, Discovery, Inc

“One of the biggest challenges in 1:1 marketing is the need to activate large volumes of data when you scale to millions of customers across multiple touch points. Unlike other platforms that struggle with increasing amounts of data, Blueshift becomes more powerful the more data you have in it. This has allowed us to scale our personalization efforts and customer journeys across multiple apps on different channels, and the results have been tremendous.”

Chris Kachel
Senior Director CRM, LendingTree

“With Blueshift we went from the stone age to the modern era in the blink of an eye. And our users have noticed the difference. We’ve never had a shortage of good ideas. There were just too few hours in the day and too much reliance on other teams to execute them. Blueshift has allowed our lean marketing team to be nimble and self-sufficient. We now have the power to spin up any advanced campaign idea quickly and test it on the fly.”

Brooke Young
Senior Marketing Manager, Skillshare

“Blueshift is a responsive partner that has grown with us, supporting our drive to provide the best-tailored content to our users, through the correct medium, at the right time. If we had stuck with our old system, we’d need to add a number of people across the board, data scientists, data engineers, and marketers, to achieve the complexity of what Blueshift does for us today.”

Russell Middleton
Co-Founder, Zumper