San Francisco —Sep 20, 2017 — Blueshift, the leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Powered Marketing across all channels, today announced the general availability of AI-Powered Live Personalization on websites & mobile apps. Along with previously announced capabilities for marketing applications like Email, Mobile Push notifications and SMS, the new release enables multiple marketing & product teams to operate on a unified customer view, driving AI Powered customer journeys across every channel.


Blueshift customer Tradera, a division of Paypal, has seen a substantial lift in revenue & conversion rates with Live Personalization, according to Pierre Ferraud Norberg, head of Marketing at Tradera.

Compared to previously deployed versions of manually recommended content, clicks per session was up 80%. Out of all sessions ending in a click on the recommended content, gross sales (GMV) per session was up by 125%.

Additionally, Tradera has also seen significant advantages in using unified customer data & AI on websites & apps in addition to core marketing applications. “Blueshift has really changed how our marketing team as well as our entire company as a whole work – now we are able to create real value for our customers and business rapidly”, said Ferraud Norberg.

The new offering extends Blueshift’s core capabilities around segmentation, recommendations & customer journey orchestration to Live Personalization in the following ways:

  • Segment customers using AI: Use Blueshift’s Predictive Segmentation engine to create segmented content on websites and mobile apps. Blueshift’s segments are generated on a 360-degree cross channel view of customers that takes into account anonymous and known customer behavior. With the new release, segments can be deployed for Live Personalization.
  • Recommend 1:1 Content powered by AI: Blueshift’s Recommendation Studio enables multiple forms of content & product recommendations based on AI. With the new release, recommendations can be retrieved using APIs or widgets for Live Personalization.
  • Deploy, measure & A-B test rapidly: Blueshift’s campaign engine & template capabilities enable teams to rapidly build, measure and test personalized content on several marketing channels. With the new release, product & marketing teams can extend campaigns into channels like websites and mobile apps.


The new offering is especially significant because all of digital marketing (owned and paid) channels break down either into “Push” channels like email/direct-mail/SMS/app-notifications or “Live-Personalization” channels like website/in-app/paid-media like display or Facebook.

“Blueshift’s mission has always been to help companies activate their customer data using AI, to drive Segment-of-One personalization on every channel. We are excited that we are now helping our customers drive Live Personalization on channels like websites & mobile apps in addition to personalizing their Push marketing channels like email, SMS and mobile app notifications,” said Vijay Chittoor, co-founder & CEO of Blueshift.

Blueshift’s other recent innovations in AI-Powered Marketing include “AI-Powered Customer Journeys,” a next-generation solution that enables marketers to deliver content-rich & personalized customer engagement across every marketing channel. Blueshift also recently hosted a webinar on the theme of “AI in the Inbox” with partner Sparkpost and customer LendingTree.

 About Blueshift

San Francisco based Blueshift is the leader in AI-Powered Marketing. Using patent-pending technology, Blueshift’s AI enables consumer marketers at companies like LendingTree, Udacity, IAC, and BBC to launch 1:1 engagement on every channel. The company is backed by prominent venture capital investors, including Storm Venture Partners and Nexus Venture Partners.